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2021, JM Roulot, Liqueur d'Abricot


Roulot is world famous, as you know, for making some of Burgundy's finest wines; but something that you may not have known is that the domaine have also been making extremely fine spirits since 1879!

Jean-Marc's father, Guy Roulot, had started re-experimenting with distillation using an old still in the winery and became well known for his pear brandy "La Poire du Roulot." Jean-Marc Roulot recently became interested in this process, after re-discovering some of his fathers bottles and began by using apricots from the Rhone valley orchards of Jean-Louis Chave, which has become "L'Abricot du Roulot."

Today, it is made from certified organic Bergeron apricots from the Rhône Valley orchards of Laurent Combier (of Domaine Combier). Once pitted, the apricots are left to infuse in neutral spirit for a few months. The purity of expression is remarkable here - the nose opens with that precise bold freshness of a fresh apricot. There's a vibrancy with exactness, the impression of the stalk and a nuttiness from the stone, too. The palate continues, opening up into a juicy celebration of just-picked apricots. A rush of flavour coats the mouth, the weight of both the sugar (160g/l) and alcohol (25%) bringing a generous texture that's elevated by the natural tartness of the fruit - never straying into cloying. The plentiful finish remains authentic, while perhaps introducing a dusting of very gentle sweet spices. Fine & Rare Wines, London.

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