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2020, Château Les Champs Libres, BORDEAUX Blanc (Ch. Lafleur)


Bordeaux Blanc: Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon.

Matchstick on the nose, less overtly fruit, more clean, clear crisp - delicate with aromas of white flowers, white spices and white pepper. Power but purity, this has density and weight, instantly hitting the mouth and expanding outwards, layered and unctuous, rich and oily - there is some fatness but also lots of stony minerality. Starts of big and bright and full then narrows and settles and becomes more detailed - you get the nuance, the delineation comes through. Piercing acidity with gooseberry and apple, then lemon and orange followed a lingering spice on the tongue and cheeks. The nuance is beautiful. It’s a big wine, despite the acidity and the overall detail - it has weight and texture but it’s also so pure. A brilliant wine that you wouldn't necessarily put in Bordeaux but then gives you the Lafleur identity. orange, lychee, perfumed, peach, lemon. Wow. Just wow. Stunning wines. 98/100 Georgina Hindle, Decanter.

Drinking Window: 2023 - 2034

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