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2021, Domaine Roulot, Liquer de Citron


Roulot is world famous, as you know, for making some of Burgundy's finest wines; but something that you may not have known is that the domaine have also been making extremely fine spirits since 1879!

Jean-Marc's father, Guy Roulot, had started re-experimenting with distillation using an old still in the winery and became well known for his pear brandy “La Poire du Roulot.” Jean-Marc Roulot recently became interested in this process, after re-discovering some of his fathers bottles and began by using apricots from the Rhone valley orchards of Jean-Louis Chave, which has become "L'Abricot du Roulot."

The l'abricot has been available for a few years and garnered new fans with every sip, but finally a new product has arrived - Le Citron. This is a like a cross between Limoncello and eau de vie. Relatively low sugar (140g/L) and incredible citrus zest from Sicilian lemons (35% alc.) makes this the perfect expression of lemon. K & L Wines, California.

The Roulot estate is one of the most important and historic domaines in the world of wine. Lesser known is their deep passion for distilled spirits of which they have been producers for over 100 years. Made from organic Sicilian Petronio lemons that are prepared two different ways via infusion and distillation with minimal sugar and elderflower added for the final blend. Like everything else from this revered estate, this is a masterpiece. Astor Wines, New York.

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