En-Primeur Wines

En-Primeur with Peter Maude Fine Wines is the future buying of exclusive fine French wine before their arrival in New Zealand, at competitive prices.


Why Buy Wine En-Primeur?

Whether you are a serious collector, or would like to expand your horizons, En-Primeur gives you front row access to some of the world’s finest wines at the best price. Consider it armchair travel for the palate.

Secure the wines you love now, at lower cost, with no surprises 
As an early buyer, you benefit from a built-in discount, and know you’ve secured a ‘future’ investment in fine wine. Regardless of returns, you’ll always have excellent wines to drink. Let’s toast to that.

Invest in something tangible, beautiful and enjoyable
Buying fine wine En-Primeur is a bit like engaging with fine art – part investment and part pleasure that comes from knowing its provenance, history and the skill that went into its creation. In this world of instant gratification, its joy is also having something special to look forward to.

Easily build a fine wine collection to be proud of
Not everyone knows about buying wine En-Primeur. You’re part of a select group with the opportunity to buy wines produced only in small quantities, or in rare formats – from half-sized Demi bottles to six litre Jeroboams and beyond, perfect for ageing, or celebrating special occasions. It’s a chance to grow your cellar for future drinking, pass your treasures on the next generation, and continue your French fine wine education for vintages to come. 

Please scroll down to read how our “En-Primeur” wine ordering process works.


PMFW operates a simple and effective process, making it easy for you.


To our En-Primeur and Landed offers

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You receive an exclusive email offer with a selection of wines.
En Primeur offers will show GST exclusive prices for the first payment. GST is payable when the invoice is issued. For Bordeaux wines, this also includes estimated landing charges for when the wine arrives.


You request via email or phone what you would like.


We then confirm your order if the wine is available. This process can be subject to allocation (the process of allocating wines per person).
Confirmation of your order is upon receipt of your invoice. This is your first payment.


The wine will then be shipped from France or destination of origin at a later date to PMFW HQ, from 6 weeks up to 9 months for Burgundy and Rhône wine generally speaking. For Bordeaux, from 2 years of the vintage release date.


Upon the wine arriving, we then work out the landing charges per bottle (duty, freight and excise tax). You will see the per bottle cost in your landing charges invoice. This is your second payment.


You will then be notified that the wine is ready to be collected or shipped. Time to savour or cellar your wine!