Peter Maude Fine Wines

2019, Château Fuissé, JULIENAS


Spicy with a lovely mouthfeel. The granite soils combined with a traditional artisanal open vat fermentation give wines with a delicious flavour of raspberries, blackberries and wild strawberries. Partially oak-aged in the classic Burgundian manner. 2019 has turned out brilliant reds right across the whole Burgundy region.

Aged in old oak barrels. Long maceration on the Égrappé (de-stemmed) berries. Deep ruby. Wine-making is brought up like pinot noir. Light and spiced, with pepper, raspberries, dark cherries and brambly. A little grip at the end with some green notes. Very nice drinking. Keep 5-7 years. Katharine Maude 29/09/22.

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