Domaine de Bel-Air (Jean-Marc Lafont) Beaujolais Cru

You get really great Beaujolais wines from Jean-Marc and Annick Lafont, of Domaine de Bel-air.


They produce enjoyable wines on the lighter style of red - and they are preferably lightly chilled. This is when the Gamay grape really comes into its own. 2017 was the perfect ripe and full vintage and 2016 smaller and more concentrated. PMFW also has a number of other vintages in stock. Quaffable and pleasurable to drink, they have a lot to offer, which is in part due to the philosophy of Jean-Marc and Annick Lafont.


About the Lafonts

Jean-Marc and Annick Lafont took over the domaine in 1986.

Together they make top, mainly cru, Beaujolais. They have vineyard holdings in Fleurie, Saint Amour, Brouilly, Moulin-a-Vent, Morgon and make an especially delicious Beaujolais-Villages. With their wines they're intent on not just perfect ripeness but extracting the full essence of the minerality of the various rocky and ancient - mostly granite - soils. Their wines are very high quality, and good value, while also being seriously terroir-focussed, but still accessible and enjoyable Beaujolais. Superb  anytime, and chilled helps accentuate the flavours... perfectly-weighted wines at lunch, early evening and with summer meals.