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2018, Château Closiot, BORDEAUX Blanc (Verget)

80% Semilion, 20% Sauvignon Gris. Average vine age of 30 years on 1 ha in Barsac.

This fresh Bordeaux Blanc hit the spot in the last two shipments and it's drinking just as well - if not better - than the first arrival in 2019.

New to the VERGET portfolio, Jean-Marie Guffens purchased Chateau Closiot in Barsac from fellow Franco-Belgians in 2017. This was his first release - a nice crisp and dry 2018 Bordeaux Sec. This wine is the perfect drop warmer months - however Jean-Marie has been putting the price up slightly everytime we re-order!...but this is still a bargain and subsequently we have another 15 cases - delicious drinking.

Lovely pale gold colour. Light and creamy with white peach and apricot aromas, a little floral all delicately expressed with a crisp and fresh lemon zing in the finish.
The PMFW tasting team.

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