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2016, Vivaltus, SPAIN

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"A truly breathtaking Ribera del Duero."
Luis Gutiérrez, The Wine Advocate.

Blend: Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo and Merlot

Vivaltus is the new project in Ribera del Duero from the Yllera family - and this is their first ever release - with the 2016 vintage. They purchase top-quality grapes from old vines and ferment and age the wines with the advice of Bordeaux guru and Petrus winemaker of over 40 years, Jean-Claude Berrouet.

A large player in Castilla y León with headquarters in Rueda, Yllera also produce sparkling wines, VT red wines and even its own Rioja range. Vivaltus is their first ambitious foray into Ribera del Duero with Jean-Claude Berrouet, winemaker at Pétrus for over 40 years, and his son Jeff consulting for them. “He only advices one producer per country; his prestige is at stake,” Vivaltus winemaker Ramón “Montxo” Martínez, whose family is also a shareholder at Yllera, told us. Berrouet lent a hand in the 2015 blends but his consultancy work officially started in the 2016 vintage so this will be the first Vivaltus vintage.

Bordeaux grape varieties are used to obtain freshness. Cabernet Sauvignon, and to a lesser extent Merlot, are part of the blend in all wines. Their presence is also noticeable in the firmness of the palate and the herbal and spicy notes.

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