Meet the PMFW team.


Meet the
Peter Maude
Fine Wines


Peter Maude – Managing Director

Peter has over 40 years in the wine business  (formally in banking) and has an excellent palette. Peter has extensive wine knowledge, and he is passionate about quality wine and will help you find the very best. Peter offers top-notch wine and tasting advice. He has an ongoing relationship with French Vignerons (winemakers) to ensure ongoing NZ access to the best of fine French wines. Peter also supports Burgundy as a wine region, one of many helping secure their UNESCO World Heritage status (Mécene Grand Cru – Climats du Vignoble Patrimoine Mondial). Peter also has been awarded as an honorary Burgundy Wine Baron.

Jo Charvill – Office Management/Sales

Jo has been with Peter Maude Fine Wines for more than 12 years, Initially setting up computerised systems and fine tuning the En Primeur logistics of the business.  With a background in Marketing (Dip.Sales & Marketing) and previous experience with small business accounting and operations, she aspires to making your experience easy and enjoyable.  


Jo has also tasted a wide range of French wines over the years (someone has to do it!), has travelled to France and with a good understanding of the terroir, she is able to provide in-depth and well considered purchasing advice.

James Kirkwood – Wine Expert

James has worked at Peter Maude Fine Wines for 20 years and has an excellent palate and extensive wine knowledge. Now based in Nelson, James puts together the offers for our En-Primeur and Landed campaigns. James liaises with Peter and Jo from his Nelson base. James can also customize your order based on his extensive knowledge and experience.

Katharine Maude - Special Projects Leader

I grew up around fine wines, learning from  my father, Peter Maude. A born and bred Aucklander, I have worked in town and country, enjoying living in provincial France and New Zealand. 

There's plenty to learn (in the big world of wine), but so far, I'm a WSET Level 3 qualified wine expert. I also have a double-degree in fine arts and political science and a diploma in graphic design. 

Day-to-day, you'll find me putting together sales, working on the website, leading small projects (recently the PMFW office and cellar fit-out), managing debtors, and import administration. I also help out with getting the most important thing done - getting the wine out the door to you. 

If you want a special tasting organised, for on or off-site events, come talk with me and I'll get it sorted.

Visit us at and whether to drink for pleasure, or collect, let me help find you the wine you are after (and wine that you didn't know you wanted!) 


Nicholas Pound - Warehouse Manager and Sales

Nick has been with Peter Maude Fine Wines for over 3 years. Nick looks after in-coming and out-going stock, ensuring that clients get their wine, as well as in-house sales. Nick is passionate about Burgundy wine and he has a background in fine arts and hospitality.

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