Champagne Pascal Doquet

In one word the wines of Champagne Pascal Doquet can only be described as 'stunning.' And as a boutique producer that has never before been imported to New Zealand, prior to the PMFW offerings, they also compete more than maginifiently on a price/quality ration against the best known names of Champagne.

Founded in 1933 by Pascal's grandfather, the House was then known as Champagne Jeanmaire, it then became Champagne Doquet-Jeanmaire in 1974 under Pascal's father following the marriage of Michel Doquet and Nicole Jeanmarie. Pascal joined his father in 1982 after graduating from the viticultural school in Avize; he took over in 1995 and the name changed to Pascal Doquet. From 1995 Pascal embarked on a thorough organic regime which he gradually intensified and extended. In 2008 he was rewarded with full certification as an organic producer. Pascal runs the House with his wife Laure and they operate from the town of Vertus, near Avize in the south of Champagne. They farm a total of 15 hectares of which 2.5ha is Grand Cru and the rest Premier Cru.


The Doquet’s Champagnes are made 100% organically and hand harvested. The vines are planted at 7500 vines per hectare and they age from 7 to 71 years with an average of 28 years. In the Cellar the wines ferment in both tank and cask before being bottled to undergo secondary fermentation where they are allowed to rest on their lees for a minimum of two years but often up to three before disgorgement; much longer than the law requires. It’s standard practice at Pascal Doquet to add between 30% and 50% reserve wine. These older wines from previous harvests add depth, flavour and fullness to the champagne. This technique and patience allows for the wines to develop richness and depth. They are clean, focused and very long with a wonderful, zesty mousse.

Doquet Vineyards in Vertus

Pascal Doquet