Clos de Tart


Just up-slope from the village of Morey-St-Denis is the monopole of Clos de Tart which encompasses a deep two-tiered cellar built in the 19th century. Its closest neighbour is Bonnes Mares with Chambolle-Musigny only a short distance away. As far back as 1791, the Clos was sold at auction by the Marey-Monge family for 68,200 francs, and later sold again in the depression of 1930 for 400,000 francs to the Mommesin family of Macon. So, it equates to Clos de Tart having had just three owners since the year of 1141.

The vineyard went through some short-term leases to Champy and Chauvenet but has been with the Mommesin family without break since 1932. Unlike most vineyards in the Cote, the vines are planted in a north-south line for reasons of drainage and erosion. With consistent vineyard management the vine-age is always 55-60 years.

Sylvain Pitiot has managed the estate since 1995 and is credited with returning it back into one of the world's most distinguished wines. The vineyard which is 7.53 hectares has six distinct soil types and Sylvain vinfies each separately before deciding on the final blend - the remainder being declassified. The vineyard is farmed organically without certification and the grapes are harvested late to achieve full phenolic ripeness. The final wine is impressively dark in colour with rich, dark fruit characters and very generous in style. As a young wine it is robust and tannic but its longevity is unquestioned.  Indeed a very fine wine.