Domaine Henri Gouges

Nuits-St-Georges, Côte-de-Nuîts, Bourgogne, France


Henri Gouges was a pioneer of domaine bottled wine when in 1933 he defied the might and power of the negociant monopoly that traditonally purchased the wine of all the domaines in barrel. Five domaines banded together including Marquis d'Angerville to show their defiance and won the day which made vintners weathier than they had ever been. Henri Gouges was mayor of Nuits-St-Georges and was obviously a man of some influence.

It was also Henri who discovered on his vineyard that some red grapes had mutated into white grapes and they became known as Pinot Gouges, and it is from those grapes their white Perrieres is made - the wine is not remotely like Chardonnay. Today the domaine is run by Henri's grandsons Pierre and Christian.  Including Henri's original nine hecatres, the estate is now 14.5ha and makes nine crus in total of which seven are premier cru (all Nuits-St-Georges). 

The majority of the premier crus are made from 50-year-old vines and the Clos-des-Porrets is a monopole. The domaine enjoys a great reputation and is skilfully managed by the two brothers - Pierre was a pioneer of planting rye-grass between the vines to prevent erosion. Importantly, the brothers dislike the use of new oak, preferring to allow the fruit to fully express itself. On average only 10% of new oak is used. The results are spectacular and the wines are highly prized, and they age extremely well.


  • Nuits-St-Georges Les Chaignots

  • Nuits-St-Georges Chenes Carteaux

  • Nuits-St-Georges Clos des Porrets-Saint-Georges

  • Nuits-St-Georges La Perriere (Blanc)

  • Nuits-St-Georges Les Pruliers

  • Nuits-St-Georges Les Saint Georges

  • Nuits-St-Georges Les Vaucrains

  • Nuits-St-Georges Village