Domaine Comte Armand

Pommard, Côte-de-Beaune, Bourgogne, France

Domaine Comte Armand in Pommard has been in the same ownership since before the French Revolution. But until 1994 the domaine owned only one vineyard - their famous Clos des Epeneaux, a Monopole . Today the Comte Armand is Vicomte Gabriel Armand, a Parsian lawyer who continues the tradition of relying on resident manager/winemakers.


The original ownership carried the name of one of Burgundy's greatest land owners, The Marey-Monge family, but in 1855 when one of the daughters married the Comte Armand, the domaine passed to the Armands


Making the wine for his 15th vintage and for the last time in 2013 was Benjamin Leroux who took over the domaine in 1999 when just 23 years old. He has now passed control to Paul Zanetti who joined Comte Armand in 2010.


Vineyard plots in Volnay and Auxey-Duresses have increased holdings to 7.5 hectares. Clos des Epeneaux is an outstanding premier cru and Leroux's vineyard management has taken this wine to even greater heights by dividing the vineyard into four blocks, each with its own system of rotation to maintain vine age and produce a balanced cuvee with maximum funesse and elegance. Grapes from vines under 25 years are declassified into other wines.


The wine is grand cru quality and this and the other Comte Armand wines made by Leroux has elevated this young winemaker's reputation to being one of the world's best.

Domaine Comte Armand Wines

  • Pommard Clos des Epeneaux

  • Volnay Les Fremiets

  • Auxey-Duresses Rouge

  • Auxey-Duresses Blanc

  • Meursault Narvaux

  • Volnay

  • Bourgogne Blanc